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November, 2017

General Grant Tree – Grant Grove, Kings Canyon National Park

ATC tree travel diaries Away from the huge crowds of the General Sherman Tree in the adjoining national park sits the second largest tree in the world the General Grant Tree. Standing tall as the centre piece of Grant Grove in Kings Canyon National Park, it also has the title of the widest known sequoia (Read more…)

September, 2017

General Sherman Tree – Sequoia National Park USA

ATC tree travel diaries Our road trip through California took us into the Sequoia National Park, home to deep valleys,distinctive rocks, giant forests, famous sequoia trees and the largest trees in the world! Established on 25th September 1890, the Sequoia National Park spans over 400,000 acres. It was California’s first national park and is America’s (Read more…)

August, 2017

Moreton Bay Fig – Santa Barbara USA

ATC tree travel diaries This past July we were lucky enough to travel over to the California in the United States of America to explore some of their national parks and giant trees. Over the next few weeks we’ll feature some of the trees we saw and some of the interesting history about California’s natural (Read more…)

December, 2016

O Christmas Tree – Looking after your tree

Christmas is a fabulous and busy time of year. We love it here at Assured Tree Care for everything that it is, the Christmas carols, the lights, the celebrations and most of all the Christmas tree! This is a special tradition in our house and we always get a real one. Not to say that (Read more…)

November, 2016

Change of Season – Reducing the risk of your trees

Melbourne’s weather has been very temperamental in recent years and with the effects of climate change we have begun to see unusual and unseasonal characteristics with some of our trees. This isn’t helped with the change of seasons especially as spring rolls into summer. The best way to protect you and your home from potential (Read more…)

October, 2016

Swift Response – Saving the Swift Parrot

Spending its time on the mainland over winter in Victorian forests and along Australia’s eastern coastline, the Swift Parrot is now heading back to Tasmania. Flying over the strait from August, spring time in Tasmania is the only place they like to breed. Many years ago this was a fine place to nest, searching out (Read more…)

September, 2016

Tree Education – School tree audits

We have two girls that attend a primary school that have a number of trees on the property. We send them to school every day entrusting in the school to keep them happy and safe. Our school like all schools have a duty of care and safety to their students, staff and parents inside and (Read more…)

August, 2016

Rise and Grind – Our new stump grinder

We are always looking at ways to upgrade and improve the quality of work here, whether that be through courses or equipment. So last month we invested in a new purchase with a 27hp Bandit stump grinder to join our fleet. This works now in addition to our smaller unit the stump humper, which is (Read more…)

July, 2016

Bitter Sweet – Fighting the Citrus Gall Wasp

Do you have a lemon tree in your back yard? Do you know someone who does? It is possible you grew up with one of these iconic backyard fruitful beauties, or maybe you had one of the other many varieties of citrus trees. With an abundant amount of tasty and nutritious fruit it is easy (Read more…)