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We want to preserve the longevity of trees for as long as possible. However, if your tree does need to be removed then its time to call in a trusted, qualified, professional to do the work. Like us!

There are a number of reasons why trees need to be removed, and these are as follows:

  • Dying and trees in decline that are looking unsightly
  • Has a disease
  • Roots are causing structural damage to your property including, building foundations, pipes, paving or driveway
  • Damaged caused from high winds or storms
  • Structurally unsafe due to poor soil drainage and previous poor maintenance
  • Potential to cause damage to surroundings
  • Weed species with potential to spread.

Our Arborists are specially trained in tree removal in confined spaces and use the latest equipment and techniques. Occasionally we use cranes for the larger removals.

Each tree removal is assessed on its own merits to ensure it is removed in a safe and efficient manner without damage to your garden or home. We pride ourselves on leaving your property clean, neat and tidy upon completion of every job.

assured tree care tree removal
assured tree care man cutting down tree
assured tree care man high up in the trees
assured tree care man cutting down the tree from the ground

To see our skilled team from Assured Tree Care in action, watch the short video of the professional removal of a Cypress Tree. The crew carefully work together to ensure that it safely lands clear of the home using industry certified techniques and standards.



Getting a quote for your tree to be removed is one thing, however if it needs a permit thats an entirely different process. There are a number of factors why the tree on your property may need a Council permit before removal by a professional.

Council Permit considerations

1. Planning Overlays

There are various overlays that may exist on your property such as:

  • Environmental Significance Overlay
  • Significant Landscape Overlay
  • Vegetation Protection Overlay
  • Heritage Overlay
  • Bush fire Management Overlay

2. Planning Permits

If you are undertaking a renovation or building a new property then most likely you will need a permit as well as an arborists report to submit to council outlining the development. Your council will also advise you of this.

3. Significant and Mature Trees

Some councils have a significant tree permit due to the age of the trees and location within those particular suburbs.

4. Land Size

All properties 4000m2 or greater require a permit to remove any native vegetation. This includes grasses and smaller native vegetation.

5. Fees

All councils will charge a fee for permit applications and these vary from council to council.

6. Council Local Laws and Bi Laws

As well as the planning permits for tree removal, some councils also have their own laws that can override the permits. These can pertain to tree species types, land size, location etc.

7. Land Services

You can look up details about your property regarding division, lot numbers and overlays on the following site: Victorian Government Planning Maps Online.

8. Possible Exemptions

If you are interested in finding out if you could be exempt from a permit then the link below which is quite a lengthy read will give you a more detailed explanation. Exemptions from requiring a planning permit to remove, destroy or lop native vegetation. (PDF, 874 KB)

Trying to navigate through all of the the different council laws and policies for information regarding your property can sometimes be very difficult. As qualified arborists we have the training and expertise to make sense of what permits you will need. We can help assist and direct you as to whether or not the tree is exempt from the restrictions and if not we can assist you in the application. Unfortunately since there is no consistency from council to council its not a one size fits all approach for each tree, and therefore it can sometimes be an extremely complicated process if you don’t understand the terminology. We are here to help and will do everything in our power to make the permit process as smooth as possible.

So next time you need a tree removed remember there is no tree removal too big or small for us to tackle, and we are more than happy to help organise the permit if required. Please contact us today for a free quote to discuss your job.