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promoting longevity among trees

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plant health

Promoting plant health is a vital component of our services at Assured Tree Care. We can work with you to improve the health of your trees. A healthy tree can prevent secondary pests and diseases. Possums, fungi and insects are more likely to feed on stressed trees. Our Consulting Arborists can provide a diagnosis and remedial treatments to help protect your trees.

cable bracing

Sometimes trees can have unbalanced growth or structural defects that will require a cable bracing system. This is to support the tree and to reduce the risk of damage to the trees surrounds. On inspection our arborist will advise on the most non-invasive way to install the system to reduce the chance of failure and prolong the life of the tree.

elm leaf beetle (pyrrhalta luteola)

The Elm Leaf Beetle (ELB) was discovered in Victoria around 1989 and is becoming increasingly more widespread. It has the potential to cause severe defoliation during the summer months which can weaken mature trees and possibly kill the tree. Elms that suffer from repeat attack are also more susceptible to other pests and disease.

If you are concerned about your Elm there are ways to protect the longevity of it and prevent if from being affected. The best time for treatment is between August to October we and recommend treatment every 2 years.

We can provide the following:

  • professional assessment
  • soil injection
  • trunk injection
  • canopy spray

fruit tree borer (maroga melanostigma)

The Fruit Tree Borer is native species that attacks many native ornamental trees and summerfruits. It is more likely to affect stressed trees. Although regarded as a minor pest, it can cause severe losses. It can do extensive damage to the bark and sap wood around branch unions causing branch failure. Early treatment and maintaining a healthy tree is necessary.


Possums are becoming an increasingly more prevalent problem for our trees as they graze on leaves and fruit and cause damage to the tree. If you are having problems with possums we can assess your trees and install a possum guard that stops the possums from climbing and damaging your tree further. This may not work for all situations and requires an accurate approval of the need for a possum guard.