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We have regular loads of good quality mulch available for sale. The mulch we sell is a byproduct of pruning, removals and maintaining trees, it can be a mixture of species and is suitable for all gardens. We do not sell mulch if there is any weed contamination potential.

what is the benefit of using mulch on my garden?

Mulch is essential to the health of any garden. The benefits of garden mulch include retaining soil moisture and health of soil, reducing weed growth and enhancing the visual appearance of your yard. You can read more about using mulch in the warmer weather here.

how much mulch do I need?

Generally mulch is spread to about 50 – 75 mm thick. If you have young newly planted plants it’s sometimes best to wait a couple of weeks to spread the mulch otherwise it is fine to go onto established gardens straight after delivery.

You can work out how much mulch you need for your garden by working out approximate square meter surface area of your garden (length x width). Then decide how thick you want the layer of mulch to be and convert this to metres unit of measurement.


If my garden is 5 metres long and 4 metres wide and I want my layer of mulch to be 5cm thick then I can work out how much mulch I need with the following equation:

5m X 4m X 0.05m = 1m3

However, as we are not a mulch supply company we don’t have mulch ready to go all the time. There is usually a 1 – 2 week lead time depending on the work we are doing and the area we are in.

we sell mulch in 2 different volumes.

  • Smaller load – approximately 2.5-3 cubic metres. $70
  • Larger load – approximately 10 cubic metres. $165

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