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For a complete tree removal service we can remove all tree stumps big or small. Tree stump removal is important because leaving it in the ground can encourage wood decay, rotting, fungi and potential soil pathogens.  There is also the possibility of attracting other pests that may carry diseases.

Unsightly stumps can also be  hazardous for you and your family resulting in injury if it’s obstructing access into your garden. They also take up unnecessary space which can easily be resolved with our stump removal process.

We have different sized machines to accommodate various access points into your property. Depending on the size and position of the stump that needs to be removed we’ve got the equipment suitable for the job. The stumps will be converted into mulch which you can leave to break down or spread around your garden.

We take absolute pride and careful consideration during the stump removal process so that your garden is left undamaged and your property left clean and tidy on completion of the job.

We can also discuss with you any concerns you have about your garden and the stump removal process.

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